Blueroot Member Benefits

Collaboration with Member Practices

Get a hand, lend a hand.

Owning your own physical, occupational, or speech therapy practice can feel a lot like living on an island. Trial and error have added to the business teachings of us all, and Blueroot members are fortunate to share tricks of the trade with one another in a collaborative and supportive environment. Using a combination of online and offline means, Blueroot members have access to one another, adding to the value shared by us all.

Referral Network

Share referrals with those you trust.

Let’s face it, we’ve all got limitations.  Whether due to geographic, specialty, or payer limitations, we can’t always serve everyone who needs us. By working together, Blueroot members handle these limitations in stride by sharing referrals with other member clinics.  Through 16 locations serving the disciplines of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, Blueroot members can provide additional options to their clientele, ensuring quality service throughout the state of Washington.

Buying Power

Use strength in numbers to achieve vendor savings.

By negotiating together, Blueroot members approach vendors with buying power not possible when working alone.  From educational opportunities to business services, Blueroot members work together to uncover value in vendor relationships through special deals and volume discounts.

Market Presence

We educate the public about the benefits of therapy.

We’ve only scratched the surface in our communities about the value of physical, occupational and speech therapy, and we can only cover so much ground when working alone. Blueroot brings members together under one voice used to educate and promote the value of therapy in our communities.  Through social media, digital marketing, and public relations efforts, Blueroot members enjoy the social and business impact of collective marketing efforts.

Advisory Board Guidance

Direction from you, the members.

Our opportunities are only as good as the ideas and leaders who bring them forward. Blueroot is guided by an advisory board consisting of member representatives which help to define and realize the opportunities which exist through collaboration.

Join the Pacific Northwest's first independent therapy alliance

Through 16 locations in the Seattle’s Puget Sound region, Blueroot is made up of the finest therapy providers Washington state has to offer. Specialists in the disciplines of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, Blueroot members are independent providers who collaborate together in service to their communities.

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