Blueroot Affiliates

Joining forces with the best therapy community in the Pacific Northwest

With 16 locations within Washington state, Blueroot is a network of successful and innovative businesses in the domains of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Blueroot affiliates include vendors, payors, and healthcare providers who wish to have access to this network of well positioned therapy practices in the greater Puget Sound region.


Become a supplier of business services and products to the premier network of physical, occupational, and speech therapy providers in the Pacific Northwest.
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Expand your coverage of member lives by contracting with therapy providers committed to quality, efficiency, and outcomes unsurpassed in the greater Puget Sound region.
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Experience the benefits of strategic alignment with our innovative and diverse network of physical, occupational and speech therapy providers throughout Washington state.
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The Pacific Northwest's newest independent therapy alliance

Through 16 locations in the Seattle’s Puget Sound region, Blueroot is made up of the finest therapy providers Washington state has to offer. Specialists in the disciplines of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, Blueroot members are independent providers who collaborate together in service to their communities.

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